You didn't plan on a divorce

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Once the decision has been made to end a marriage, the most important question to be answered is “how” the parties will go about it. In every instance, the answer to “how” involves two components: what form will the inevitable negotiations take; and, what happens if the negotiation ends in a dispute or impasse.

Divorce is a trying process, and many of it’s common practices do not always equally benefit both parties.

We set out to change that.

A better method for dissolving a marriage

What is

DivorceChoice® provides you with the flexibility to create a process that works best for you. In creating your process, you will select a Negotiation Model and Dispute Resolution Mechanism with which you are most comfortable. Your Negotiation Model options include: four-way meetings with the parties and their counsel (either required or as requested by either party); mediation; facilitation; or, early neutral evaluation. Your Dispute Resolution Mechanism options include:

  • arbitration
  • a private judge
  • cooperative litigation
  • parenting coordination

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